Ana Kozachi


Frosh Week: Generation Z.

  1. Concept.

  2. Mood Board.

  3. Logo.

  4. Colours.

  5. Posters.

    Under the supervision of Ryan MacDonald.


The primary focus when creating this identity was deep diving into Generation Z as a concept and a group of individuals. We were really aimed to pin-point what made this group unique and using the previous feedback from the Events Coordinators we feel we have landed on a distinct and relatable answer to that question.

The initial direction of technology was essential to this process, and as our research continued we came to understand that Generation Z uses technology as a vessel for interacting with everything in their life. It is the bridge between them and social media, news, shopping, etc. It permeates this generation of people. The concept we arrived at leverages the aesthetics of social media and technology mixed with an electric style of self-individuality.

Frosh Week: Generation Z is electric, vibrant, individualistic, bourgeois and self-aware.

Mood Board.



Along with Frosh: Generation Z logo, I created Sheridan Student Union variation, as part of the living SSU brand.